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The, hat, the shirt, the jeep, the swagger. You just know he means business. Other T shirts in Matt’s collection. “Leg story – $10″ “I went to Iraq and lost my leg and all I got was this lousy T shirt”

Operation Amped

Joe Jackson. Started out in Operation Amp as a participant a few years ago. Now, he mentors some of the new participants and is one of the hardest working organizers in Operation Amped. His sense of humor on the beach and in the water make him a lot of fun to be around. The helmet is mandatory for him in the water and makes him easy to spot. If you see him at your local break in San Diego be sure to say Hi.

If you hear any kooks giving Joe some static about wearing a helmet in the water, take a minute and stuff their board up their but. All of America will buy you a beer.

Operation Amped

Getting some surf lessons from some of the most skilled surfing instructors in the world.
. Operation Amped

At Operation Amped, we don’t believe in bringing a knife to a gun fight. Operation Amped

Clayton Wright. He rolls in with his expensive, top of the line, stand up paddle boards for us to use. They are wide and stable .Perfect for what we do what we do.

Clayton’s boards often get beaten up on the rocks and sometimes need extensive repairs. Due to the fragile core of a surf board, once damaged, more often than not, it cannot be completely restored to its original state.

For those unfamiliar with surfing culture, borrowing a surf board and damaging it is one of the biggest transgressions in the sport. Many a longtime friendship has ended over these types of incidents.

Clayton is completely unfazed by the damage to any of his boards. This happens routinely and yet Clayton is with us year in and year out. If there’s a better example of Aloha, I’d like to know what it is.

Operation Amped

2 Marines holding their own against strong surf, heavy kelp, and a rocky bottom. Don’t think for a second that their injuries would keep them from having the time of their lives. Operation Amped

Joe, “If that man’s a Major, he’s a Colonel now” Gabunilas. No one has worked longer or harder on the beach and in the water than Joe. Operation Amped

A couple of the warriors checking in. Operation Amped

Look where they’re staying. The window overlooks the Pacific Ocean. Operation Amped

Keynan Hobbs and Meredith Perry. Couple of the Pillars of Operation Amped and the force behind the many San Diego 1 day events. Operation Amped

Meredith going for the girlfriend of the year award. Operation Amped

Surfing on 1 leg requires incredible athleticism. Having balls of steel doesn’t hurt either. Notice all the other warriors in the background Operation Amped

Taking advantage of a lull in the waves, warriors and instructors head out to the lineup.
Operation Amped

Look closely at the nose of the surfboard and you’ll see a lot of water draining off the front of the board. This warrior was in a nose dive and seemed headed to the bottom. Against all odds, he pulled out of it and is now on his way to standing up. Operation Amped

First course of dinner. Top grade, all organic. Delicious. Donated by a very generous company. List of sponsors and vendors coming very is prepared at a free surf clinic for wounded veterans

Rocking the unit colors1st marine division

The dark horse battalion, 3rd battalion, 5th marines suffered some of the heaviest casualties of the war in Afghanistan with more than 30 killed and 200 wounded.dark horse battalion camp pendleton

Despite dozens of wipe outs, this young service woman wouldn’t give up until she got it. Although the lighting is low, if you look closely you’ll see a smile as big as the board she’s riding.

We’ve got many more pics and posts coming very soon. Please stop back. We’ve got photos coming from Peter Kragh, who took a break from filming episodes of shark week for the Discovery Channel to shoot some water pics. More pics of volunteers, water videos, and big thank you’s to our sponsors.

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