Operation Amped’s mission is to share the “stoke” of the surfing community and the healing potential of surfing with seriously ill, injured, or disabled U.S. military veterans and their families.

Our vision is of a surfing community that demonstrates appreciation for the sacrifices of servicemen and women with its welcoming environment and sharing the grounding and healing of surfing.

Operation Amped accomplishes this Mission and Vision by:
  • Recognizing the positive influence of nature in the healing process
  • Recognizing the benefit of eustress in the healing process
  • Recognizing the client’s active choice and responsibility in the therapeutic process
  • Maintaining focus on the possibility of positive change in the participant’s present and future as distinctly different than their past
  • Firm commitment to care and support, embraced throughout the Operation Amped experience, during the potentially unfamiliar experience of surfing
  • Services founded in research and evidenced based practice
The Goals of Operation Amped are to:
  • Provide single day clinics
  • Provide multiple day clinics
  • Develop safe and effective participant instructional practices
  • Develop safe and effective volunteer training
  • Accomplish Outreach
  • Advocacy
  • Fundraising
  • Maintain the business of the 501c3
  • Community presence